Best Outdoors in Delhi


Zerruco tucked in a quiet corner on the previous of the ashoka hotel offers the unique experience of dining indoors and outdoors. This duel option of enjoying food and drinks both indoors and outdoors at the zerruco is its unique feature. Be landed at the zerruco on an early evening literally to red carpet welcome laid out at the entrance an the courteous attention of the staff as they ushered us to our table further enhanced the feeling of being treated like royalty . we were three of us and while waiting for another three friends arrivers we decided to order a salad and the an appetizers from the various offering on the Mediterranean menu.  We ordered the Tartare  di toono a fresh Tuna salad . it was a real treat.. tuna chunks mixed gherkins tomato’s and cilantro and the accompanying sour cream completed the disk . we also ordered garlic cheese toast…the fresh toasted  bread with oozing warm cheese gharnised  with garlic Mexican chi lease sprinkled with olive oil transformed the simple garlic bread into a delightful gourmet offering,

By the time friends arrived through consensus be mood to the outdoors portion of the lounge . fresh spring breeze welcomed us triggering are “FUN button ” we ordered  some mocktails Orange blossom, this citrus drink with pretty presentation and with mild peach and distinct orange flavour, was quite good and refreshing .Next was Rosemary cider -again a fizzy citrus with hint of apple juice, it was a good-looking drink with rosemary stem and fragrance. These both were perfect mocktails for a early  spring evening . the beers be ordered  nicely chilled and fresh. The outdoors ambience was enhanced by perfect soft light and the comfortable sofa sitting . we also ordered a hookah . the nice soft breeze chilled beer and the finally flavored hookah added to a relaxation and bonhomie . zerruco offer outdooer setting a elevate your sprits .. fine dine, fine wine a let your heart shine with the aroma of the finely flavored tobacco the hookah . zerruco outdoor lounge a some thing you have to experience ad you must