Best Outdoors in Delhi


Zerrucco located in the Diplomatic Enclave Ashoka  hotel premises is a unique eating option In many ways …..Firstly it is a restaurant cum bar .lounge ,if you are in a robust part mood there is rocking music streaming from its state of the art music with dancing coloured  lights adding to the colour .Further the Medditerranean food comprising of Italian and  lebanese dishes adds to the exclusivity Zerrucco.However if you are in a mood for a quieter ambience you can move outdoors .comfortable sofas with glass top tables enhance the pleasing ambience of Zerruccos outdoor open air lounge .Sip into your favourite drink ….alcoholic or soft beverage…munch on the exotic wood fired pizza or choose from a wide range of appetisers salads and main  course offerings ,both veg and non veg.Authentic Medditerranean offerings .To top it all order for your very own hookah to smoke away your blues ..Zerruco is not a restaurant ,it’s not a bar ,it not a club,its a place you can come to party have fun and let your hair down .Additionally the dual.indoor and outdoor facility gives both the options .,….let your heart race to the pulsating race music or listen to the heart beat of your partner in the comfort an solitude of it’s outdoor lounge .,,..Thebdual  unique Zerrucco experience to suit your mood. State of the art add system after music . Also not race music but racy music