Exotic Lebanese food in Delhi


I visited here on a Sunday evening, and was seated outside, as per our request. The outdoor seating appealed to me more than the indoors, ambience-wise. However, they had purple lights that day, which seemed to me less appealing than the yellow lights I’d seen in a picture, but was informed that they have different lights on different days of the week.

Anyway, coming to the food we ordered their Chef Special Greek Kebab in the starters. I really liked these. To draw a comparison to our Indian dishes, they were like really nice and creamy Malai Tikkas.

We also ordered their Chicken Shish Touk Pizza. The woody flavour.of the pizza added to.its uniqueness…..The portion was good and the chicken based topping was delicious it made me crave for more . The quantity was good, however I would have preferred if there was more chicken on it.

The service was nice for the most part of it, in terms of speed of food preparation, and expected in a good restaurant like this.