Best Outdoors in Delhi


Zerruco at The Ashok Hotel is a Mediterranean and Italian fine dining. Though located in the premises of the Ashoka hotel it is private lt owned property  I happened to visit this place on a Monday evening and thought it would be less crowded but to my surprise it was full. So I was welcomed here with a red carpet at the entrance. As I entered I knew I was at a fine place. The outdoor seating was beautiful with Sofa chairs and glass tables with huge and pretty chandeliers but as it was a summer day I chose to sit in. The inner seating was equally elite. They had a huge bar with skilled bartenders showing off there talent. The bar had a good collection of liquor and juices. I chose to sit on a Sofa chair where the sun was shining bright and nice on the outer section. Browsing through the menu I noticed a wide range of Mediterranean offerings __soups, salads appetizers, pastas, lasagna, risotto, spaghetti and pita bread with humas.