Five Star Italian Restaurants in Delhi


Zerruco should definitely be on your list of places to visit. The ambience is spectacular. I’d prefer the seating on the outside but in a few months, the weather wouldn’t really allow you to let go of the air conditioning so you’re bound to settle for a seat inside. The place is pretty from the inside too. The outlet is spacious and it wouldnt look crowded even if it is loaded with people since there is a lot of space.

Let me talk about the dishes and drinks i had here.
My favourite Cocktail: Surprised Wink ( a blend of orange vodka, basil, strawberry pinepple & a silky aromatic fog) & Mocktail: Orange Blossom ( a refreshing result out of orange, peach, mint, strawberry & citrus fizz)

Coming to the food, the salads here were brilliant. My favourite being the Beetroot & Goat’s Cheese Salad. It had walnuts in there too. The dish is a must have for someone who’s a turophile like me!
Their Asparagus & Orange, Grilled Chicken Pesto salads were able to please my palate too.

One item that i simply fell in love with was the Chilly lime grilled riversole. Perfectly marinated riversole in eurpean herbs served with a garlic dip made this the best dish for me.

Their Chef Special (non veg) Mezze Platter looked so appetising and pretty that I didn’t want to eat it and ruin the presentation! The platter had the usual things that would normally constitute a mezze platter. Their Hummus and Tzatziki were amazing. Super soft pita bread and delicious kebabs made for an enjoyable platter.

Their Calzone is one thing you should avoid. It was one of those dishes that looked promising but did not deliver when i took a bite.

The Shish touk pizza was as amazing as it looked. Do try this !

Chicken Ablama had bbq marinated chicken chunks which were cooked in mushrooms and onion and were served along with balsamic rice. Another spectacular dish bursting with flavour!
Valencia Paella : This was a Spanish rice dish flavoured with Saffron and Paprika cooked with prawns and exotic vegetables topped with a dollop of yogurt. Yum!!

I had a full stomach and it was time for dessert ! We have a reserve in our tummy when it comes to eating desserts, dont we?
I tried the Home made Tiramisu , Banoffie Pie and Chocolate Decadence. The best was the Banoffie Pie. Amazing crumbly bed with bananas on top, toffee and fresh whipped cream is one combination you can’t go wrong with.