Best Wood Fired Pizza in Delhi


Zerruco is as alluring as it can get in terms of decor and the ambience. Located in the Ashok this beautiful restaurant has a Mediterranean touch and all the perfect elements required. I went there to try their new chef menu and was very impressed with the quality and plating of the food.

The chef special mezze platter was a delight to have. The chicken shish touk and the lebanese kafta were cooked to perfection and the dips were just a cherry on top. One of the best hummus and baba ganoush I had in recent times.
wood fried pizza was as good as it can get. Generously topped on a crispy base with cheese oozing out with every bite. Need to say anymore ?
Prawn paella: well this dish had mixed reviews on the table, and especially those who are used to the basmati rice were unable to cultivate the taste. But according to me , it was their best dish of the afternoon. This paella tasted better than in olives or sevilla and had amazing flavours. The prawn was awsome and in every spoon there was this harmony of aromas which is a rare sight these days.
The biryani was again excellent, cooked with arabic style with pine nuts and kebabs. A very different take on biryani and they did a very good job.

The desserts were superb. We tried all of them, out of which the banoffee pie outshined amongst others.

The service was very prompt as one should expect at a 5 star property.
An afternoon well spent and I just want to congratulate the team for such a great effort. Cheers !!